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Brought completely up to date this insightful biography remains 'a must for any self-respecting Coen fan' ('Screentrade'). This fully updated edition of the first biography of the Coen Brothers includes their complete work so far from 'Blood Simple' to 'Inside Llewyn Davis' (2013) with a reassessment of their remarkable career as a whole. Joel and Ethan Coen have pulled off the ultimate balancing act. Despite having their movies financed and distributed by major studios they have managed to remain true independents rejecting commercial cliches and never giving up on their own fiercely idiosyncratic vision. While doing so they have established themselves among the world's leading filmmakers. From their startling debut 'Blood Simple' (1984) all of their movies reveal a distinctive stamp: a flamboyant visual style richly conceived characters crisp dialogue and brilliant casting. They have revitalized old Hollywood genres such as noir screwball and the western giving them a contemporary sensibility. In this biography Ronald Bergan traces the brothers' Jewish roots their beginnings as film geeks in suburban Minneapolis their battle to get their first feature made and released through their early features and the movies of their maturity. He gives blow-by-blow accounts of the making of each movie. New chapters cover all those released since 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' (2000) with which the first edition of this book ended.'