Smukt og farverigt Supergrains: Wheat - Farro - Spelt - Kamut - Amaranth - Buckwheat - Barley - Corn - Wild Rice - Millet - Teff - Sorghum - Chia - Oats - Rice - Rye - Triticale - Quinoa (Hardcover) by Muir Jenni 3PXDnoud

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She's produced a wonderful set of recipes bringing imagination and sparkle to the basic ingredients ...a wonderful book - The Guardian The recipes are unbelievably romantic - The Telegraph Excellent - Time Out Eating more of the right kinds of grains is an easy way to better health. Whole grains are packed with nutrients including protein antioxidants B-vitamins fibre and trace minerals. A diet rich in these grains reduces the risk of heart disease type 2 diabetes obesity and some forms of cancer. Grains are also one of the most tasty versatile and nutritious food sources available - a delight to eat easy to cook and very economical. Supergrains explores grains from all over the world provides an in-depth look at their culinary uses and nutritional benefits and features over 150 recipes so that you can easily incorporate more of these superfoods into your diet - from breakfast through to dinner and warming bedtime drinks.