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On Wednesday June 16 2004 Andy Lewis spoke to the membership of Bedminster Down Boys' Club - this was to be the final night of the club they all loved. 'The name of this club will be emblazoned in history books about youth work. It has been a guiding light showing others the way forward. &

8232;It will remain in those history books long after the names of those who have not supported us have been forgotten. It has been a long and eventful journey one that started back in 1941. Whether you got on at the start or somewhere along the road is not important. What is important is that you got on board in the first place. As you walk away tonight don't look back but look forward hold your head up high and be proud. &

8232;Remember - you were a part of this club's history.' Now some ten years later this book gives us a real insight into one of the most successful youth organisations that has ever existed in this country.