Tilføje What Works with Teens: A Professional's Guide to Engaging Authentically with Adolescents to Achieve Lasting Change (Paperback) by Baron Julie B. HN8fUMoZ

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If you work with teens you know they are notoriously challenging to communicate with. And when teens are resistant to help they may respond by acting defiant guarded defensive rude or even outright hostile. In turn you may respond by reasserting your authority-resulting in an endless power struggle. So how can you break the cycle and start connecting? In What Works with Teens you'll discover the core skills that research shows underlie all effective work with teens. You'll learn how to engage authentically with teens create an atmosphere of mutual respect and use humor to establish a deeper connection. Many books offer evidence-based approaches to treating teens but very little information on how to establish and maintain a productive working relationship. This is the first trans-therapeutic book to provide real tools for creating a positive relationship with teens to help bolster effective treatment. Whether your background is in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) psychotherapy or any other treatment background if you are looking for more effective ways to connect with teens and are ready for a program that really works this book is a vital addition to your professional library.