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Learn how to market for your indie game even with a small budget and limited resources. For those who want to earn a regular income from making indie games marketing can be nearly as vital to the success of the game as the game itself. A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing provides you with the tools needed to build visibility and sell your game. With special focus on developers with small budgets and limited staff and resources this book is packed with recommendations and techniques that you can put to use immediately. As a seasoned marketing professional author Joel Dreskin provides insight into practical real-world experiences from marketing numerous successful games and also shares tips on mistakes to avoid. Presented in an easy to read format A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing includes information on establishing an audience and increasing visibility so you can build successes with your studio and games. * Through case studies examples guidelines and tips you will learn best practices for developing plans for your game launches PR community engagement channel promotions and more * Sample timelines help you determine how long in advance of a launch to prepare your first public communications when to announce your game as well as recommended timing for releasing different game assets * Book also includes marketing checklist 'cheat sheets' dos and don'ts and additional resources