udsalgspris Preserving Made Easy: Small Batches and Simple Techniques (Paperback) by Topp Ellie Howard Margaret 0YNOR7mm

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Product Description:

Preserving Made Easy is the perfect book for today's busy cooks who still want to prepare and enjoy the homemade goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. These recipes were selected for their delicious taste and because they are easy to prepare. Thoroughly tested and perfected each recipe offers something special - a new twist on an old favourite a new way to mix and match flavours and tips to make the whole process easier and more fun. The authors offer delectable recipes for jams jellies conserves pickles relishes chutneys salsas mustards marinades flavoured oils and more. Everything you need to delight family and friends is here. Using this book will ensure that your family has only the best and freshest ingredients carefully prepared for their needs. Preserving Made Easy is ideal for first-time users who will benefit from the step-by-step introductions and for experienced cooks who are just looking for that extra twist that will make the batch memorable.